3 Ways Paid Social Ads Increase Michigan Sales

Posted by Kim Schott on Kim Schott Site on 10/09/2015


There are only 12 weeks left until the year ends. Do you have a well developed social media strategy that includes paid advertising? 

Paid advertisements, or “pay-per-click advertising”, have evolved to the point where they can no longer be ignored in favor of focusing entirely on a traditional organic social engagement strategy. Historically when crafting a social media campaign, companies were hesitant to include pay per click due to unproven results as well as fundamental misunderstandings about cost and how they function. In addition to the problems of an emerging market, as social media platforms move from building a substantial user base to monetizing their user base, companies have been understandably hesitant to heavily invest. 

This has changed. Social Media outlets have refined their techniques to the point where they can effectively target the specific desired audiences based on location, interests, and behavior. At the same time companies like Facebook have instituted policies that change how your content reaches your customers. Facebook's changes to create a “pay-to-play” environment for businesses have seen companies organic reach dropping to as low as 1 percent of their customers. A well-crafted organic social media campaign can find its reach artificially blocked if you do not plan on integrating effective paid marketing techniques.

There are three key areas a company needs to be aware of as they advertise in this changing market:

  1. A company needs to understand the value of paid social media advertising. Even if you are already utilizing paid social media advertising, make sure you are not underestimating the value of a well-crafted campaign. At the same time a campaign needs to have a sufficient budget to reach your audience. These two factors are vital to be considered in tandem --- as a large budget with a poorly planned campaign, or a well designed campaign with an insufficient budget will both cause your advertising to fail to reach the desired audience. This will cost your company time, money, and potential future customers.
  2. A company needs to understand how to influence your target audiences. Social media networks are increasingly looking to monetize their business. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, and Instagram all have some form of paid features businesses can use to influence their target audiences. By looking to your specific customers habits you can quickly target a similar audience. Whether you are focusing on location, interests, or behavior the variety of social media platforms and advertising options allow you to target the demographic you want to bring to your business.
  3. A company needs to invest in quality content. No matter how well targeted your advertising, if your message is not clear it runs the risk of being overlooked or ignored. A company needs to be prepared to create a quality content plan in order to outsmart their competition. Once you have the plan a testing strategy needs to be formulated to ensure your target market responds appropriately to what you have created.

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