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Posted by Kim Schott on Kim Schott Site on 09/23/2015


You want to increase traffic to your Michigan website. But how?

  • Start and participate in local online discussions. Lots of people want to be participants in Internet interaction, and not simply observers. Take a look at websites like www.reddit.com and www.inbound.org for some ideas.

  • You probably send a dozen or more emails a day, so give each message a boost with an effective signature. Include a link to your DRS site, current contact information, and a short message that reflects your business philosophy.

  • Branch out to local Michigan social media sites you haven’t previously considered. Take a look at Pinterest, Quora, and Instagram, to start. Your prospects will notice you’re a tech-savvy, cutting-edge marketer.

  • Set up graphics, charts, and diagrams with easy to use Web software. Websites and bloggers are always on the lookout for data-driven images they can link to. Your images might even turn into Google image search results. This is all good for Web traffic.

Brand new research by the Acend2 company found that 89 percent of marketers worldwide depend on search engine optimization (SEO) to enhance their website traffic, search rankings, and lead generation.

In another study by Econsultancy, almost three quarters of tech industry respondents said SEO resulted in good or excellent return on investment. About 72 percent said relevant content creation is the key tactic toward an effective SEO campaign.

Rounding out the list were keyword and phrase research, frequent updates to a website, and link building.

Finally, have you taken a look at your website content to make sure visitors using computers, tablets, and smartphones can find you using the ever-popular major search engines?

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