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About Me

I live in the Boston-Edison Historic District in Detroit in a beautiful old mansion that was built in 1914 which I named upon arrival "La Maison de la Paix" which is French for "The House of Peace". Call it "coincidence" but I later learned that this home was lived in for 40 years by Rev. Henry Hitt Crane who was a nationally recognized leader in the peace, civil rights, women rights and labor rights movements. He was good friends with Dr. Martin Luther King (they'd trade pulpits often) and we're thinking Dr. King visited and stayed here, too. This truly has been a house of peace and I hope to continue the tradition!

I moved into Detroit from Pleasant Ridge in 2003 after having served on the Central Detroit Christian Community Development Corporation Board of Directors for a number of years and realizing I LOVED THIS COMMUNITY!!! Sure there are some unique challenges living in an old struggling city, but it's hard for me to imagine life without the great diversity of people who all seem so passionate about making this City of Detroit a wonderful place. I think that's a characteristic of just about everyone in SE Michigan: we have this deep desire to overcome the divisions and mistakes of the past and forge a vibrant new community. Perhaps it's our past blunders that make our region so ready for something incredibly different that will change the world (it's funny, but I hear this from so many around here)!

I believe what we're doing here at Cspace can be a huge part of this change. I don't think our biggest problem with revitalizing our city and state is a lack of resources (we still have unbelievable wealth and talent). I believe we suffer from a lack of relationship! Having been involved in community development and the nonprofit world for over 20 years, I have seen so many AWESOME people and organizations at all levels working HARD to make a positive change.
But honestly, most of the time we're not working together or even AWARE of what another group is doing just a few doors down. If we are going to be successful in creating a vibrant new community, this has to change. "Community" requires "Unity" . . . we have to come TOGETHER!

So, that's why I'm here. I NEED a healthy community to live in just as much as the children, the single-moms, the married, the elderly, the students, the unemployed, the business people, the artists, the prostitutes, the drug-dealers, the homeless . . . WE ALL NEED HEALTHY COMMUNITY!

We first need unity . . . let's come together! Let's use this network to connect, communicate and coordinate our various individual efforts to make the world better!

I hope you join me in making our communities better places to live, learn, work and have fun!

Professional Info:
Title: CEO & Founder
Company Name: Cspace
General Industry: Technology
Location: Detroit, Michigan, United States
Time Period: 08/01/2013 - Present

Cspace is an online network for governments, businesses and organizations to share and engage with their stakeholders and the public they serve.
Title: CEO & Founder
Company Name:
General Industry: Community
Location: Detroit, Michigan, United States
Time Period: 01/01/2003 - 09/01/2013

Peoplemovers is a company that helps people and organizations build stronger lives, organizations and communities by helping them build healthy relationships.
Title: CEO & Founder
Company Name: RecycleMax
General Industry: Environment
Location: Detroit, Michigan, United States
Time Period: 05/01/1995 - Present

RecycleMax has emerged as a leader in providing comprehensive waste recycling and disposal services for commercial, industrial and institutional facilities across North America. We are able to provide your company with a turnkey solution to your solid waste challenges that will work cost-effectively and conveniently for years to come!
School Name: Ferndale High School
Field(s) Of Study: General
Location: Ferndale, Michigan, United States
Time Period: 1980 - 1984
Activities, Societies and Degrees: I generally got involved in way too much! But going to school at Ferndale was a perfect place for learning about how great it is to have a diversity of racial, religious and economic backgrounds.
Personal Interests:

I LOVE having people over at my house for parties and serving events!  No matter where you're from, if you're ever in Detroit, look up Events at La Maison de la Paix (my house) and come on over!

I also love going to the movies (I do need a break every now and then) and hope to someday get back to that more quiet life of painting, playing my guitar and writing poetry and other "deep thoughts" . . .

Status Updates
								LOVED listening to Mr. Vijay Saheta of Connectwell Industries share his life journey at the TiE Pune "My Story" evening last night! I could so relate to the years and years of slow growth and trying to figure it all out. It's something we don't teach in today's fast buck entrepreneurial circles. I think we're missing out on true wealth in our attempts at instant riches. Something to ponder...   

2 years 4 months ago

Posted by Keith Zendler on 08/21/2015 on Keith Zendler Network

								If you didn't know, I've been here in Pune, India, working with our new development team on a brand new version of our network that will be a global first. Things had been going smoothly for a launch in August but a serious problem has arisen as the wife of our CTO, has been struck with Dengue Fever and she's now fighting for her life and that of their six-month baby (she's pregnant). Please keep Chris and Sarah in your prayers and, if you live ...

2 years 5 months ago

Posted by Keith Zendler on 07/27/2015 on Keith Zendler Network

Keith Zendler I have great news: Chris sent me a text late last night (in India) saying that Sarah's blood platelet count had improved dramatically to 85,000 (I guess 100,000 is good) from around 25,000. He's feeling much better and thanks you all for your prayers and wishes! He also asked that we keep let's do it! Hurray!!!
2 years 5 months ago
								I'm in the final day of packing for another extended stay in India and I can't wait! We'll be launching a whole new platform for people and organizations to work together and I think you're going to be really pumped by the ease and power of it all. While I'm in India, we've brought a sharp new young professional from Chicago, Josh Knapp, to serve as our Michigan Community Ambassador and coordinate launch activities with our Michigan partners. ...

2 years 6 months ago

Posted by Keith Zendler on 07/13/2015 on Keith Zendler Network

Kate Eago Very nice!
2 years 6 months ago
								I think this article is spot on. It's our insatiable thirst for profit and fame that is enabled by technology.  

2 years 6 months ago

Posted by Keith Zendler on 07/07/2015 on Technology Network Network

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