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Posted by Kim Schott on Kim Schott Site on 10/28/2011

To group India and China with Japan, Korea, and the rest of Asia may seem odd considering the enormity of their economies and vastly different cultures and citizenry. However, there are similarities in the way businesses can approach operating in these countries and connecting with Asian customers. One of the biggest commonalities is how men and women are treated differently in Asia, according to Kim Schott, president of Schott Cultural Consulting. "In a business environment, men take charge and if you're a B2B company that's who you want to speak to," Schott says. "If, however, you're trying to reach a household decision-maker, that's generally where a woman is in charge." Schott points to a series of Heinz ketchup commercials that aired in India last year and won a number of awards. In them, a man at a business lunch and a woman making dinner both have difficulty pronouncing "Heinz." The stark difference between who Heinz is targeting with each ad is clear.
A man not wanting to interfere with his wife's purchase decision, is humorous in this market.


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