UAW Local 387 at Detroit Freedom March 2013

Posted by Jonathan Barlow on Jonathan Barlow Site on 06/24/2013

On June 22, 2013, thousands attended "Take a Step" in the 50th anniversary march in honor of the original Walk to Freedom/Freedom Walk led in Detroit by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. On that day 50 years ago, in what is considered to be the original debut of his now-famous "I Have a Dream Speech," King told tens of thousands of people that it was time for the government and society to get serious about providing opportunities and parity in employment, education, housing and the overall quality of life for persons of color.

Sponsored by UAW-Ford and the Detroit Branch NAACP, this year's walk serves as a reminder of that legacy and its pivotal role in the city's transition from one of isolation to inclusion. But it also is a chance for those who recognize the need for further progress to join in that call.


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